Amy Schumer on Jennifer Lawrence: 'We need each other in terms of our friendship'

Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Teaming Up For New Movie!
Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Teaming Up For New Movie!

It's the friendship that has spawned a thousand blog posts: Jennifer Lawrence wrote Amy Schumer after seeing Trainwreck, and the rest, as they say, is Jet Ski magic. "We don't need each other in terms of work, but it does feel like we need each other in terms of our friendship," Schumer said on THR's podcast "Awards Chatter." "There are just some things I feel like we really understand about each other. I believe people come into each other's lives when they need them, and Jen and I just kind of like clung to each other, like this is happening for a reason." The pair is now working on a script together, in which Lawrence says that she will play the "mess." Schumer said that right now it's not connected to any studio or director, and it's just "three of us girls and our friends and people in the industry who've read it to give us notes."

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Schumer also elaborated a little on why she passed on The Daily Show. "When it was brought up to me as a possibility I just was so moved that they thought I could handle it," she said. "It is a little bit of a family at Comedy Central, so I felt like my parents were saying, 'We're giving you our nicest car,' and I just was so flattered and just really thought about it and I really considered it." However, she concluded, "I'm more excited about not knowing the paths I'm gonna go down." Like becoming a movie star with her new best friend, Jennifer Lawrence!

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