12 trendy gym bags to help you get fit in style

My Life My Style: Gym Chic
My Life My Style: Gym Chic

We all need a little extra help finding the motivation to hit the gym (let alone the time to squeeze in a decent workout once we actually get there), and sometimes that little push comes in the form of fashion.

It's a little bit like shopping: you would never take yourself out on a shopping date looking bad, because when you don't like your appearance, nothing looks good and you lose interest quickly. The same goes for exercise! We may not all love what we see in the mirror from a muscle and tone standpoint, but as long as we like our workout outfit, we're going to enjoy being at the gym a lot more, and we'll be motivated to stick with it because we aren't running out as fast as we can to hide under a rock. Shop the hottest workout gear for the season here.

While having a stylish workout bag may seem like a waste of money, it's actually the same principle as carrying a stylish bag to work or out to dinner -- it's part of your look, which we just said you're going to want to like in order to get yourself to the gym. Don't think any recycled grocery bag will work, take pride in your workout gear and look like the athlete you are (or are hoping to become...). Fake it 'til you make it, right?

Shop these cute gym bags below to complete every fitness ensemble:

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