5 wineries to spend your Thanksgiving weekend that are even better than being home for the holidays

Visit An Award Winning Winery in the Finger Lakes
Visit An Award Winning Winery in the Finger Lakes

Fine, we'll admit that maybe (just maybe) nothing is quite as good as spending the holidays at home -- but there are some things that are close to being just as enjoyable. For instance -- sipping on wine while take a relaxing stroll in the sun with your loved ones.

That's right people, we're talking wineries! Now, spending your Thanksgiving weekend at a winery may sound a little unconventional and unlike anything you've considered before. But here's the thing -- if you love wine and you love family (we all do) then there's no reason you shouldn't spend this special of all days WITH your family, AT a winery, right?

If we haven't yet convinced you, take a peek below at a few fun wineries you'll love to spend your upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!

1. Willamette Valley Vineyards

2. Bethel Heights Vineyards

3. Cristom Vineyards

4. The Eyrie Vineyards

5. Evening Land Vineyards

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