What to wear on Thanksgiving to look lean and eat big

What to Wear on Thanksgiving to Look Lean and Eat Big
What to Wear on Thanksgiving to Look Lean and Eat Big

Oh Thanksgiving, the holiday where overeating is a given. When it comes to the perfect outfit to look lean, while eating like a machine, there are a few options to consider!

You can wear looser clothes, but accentuate your waist with a skinny belt. This will flatter your figure. Wearing all black also helps give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Stylists say that wearing long, dark, comfortable pants along with a fitted white top helps minimize a larger bottom and elongate your lower body.

The color black also helps cover up problem areas. You might try a floor grazing skirt in a solid color. Something similar to this maxi will help create a long vertical line and longer legs.

Wearing wedges will give you height, making you look slimmer, but are more comfortable than high heels. And don't be afraid of a pant with a higher waist; a good pair can help elongate the appearance of your lower half.

Regardless, elastic is always your friend on Thanksgiving! Especially when you're cozying up to your third piece of pumpkin pie.

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