Watch these clueless kids try to figure out how to use a walkman

To most people who lived through the 90s, the walkman is an antiquated but still ordinary object. For those born after the advent of CDs and digital music players, however, the device is a complete mystery that requires a long time to be understood.

A video that YouTube user Lena Hyde posted shows the reaction of her two kids while they try to figure out how to operate a walkman she gave them. The young boys seem to struggle a lot with its design and can't seem to find where the cassette is supposed to go. After about a minute of struggling, one of them makes his mother proud by pushing the cassette in the proper slot and hitting the play button.

Here's another video showing even younger kids face to face with a walkman:

Watch 'Kids React To' Odd Black Bricks, Formerly Known As Walkmans

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