These genius LEGO slippers will save your feet from excruciating pain

Imminent danger - Danger imminent
Imminent danger - Danger imminent


Everyone has their own LEGO-related injury story. It usually starts out with you walking around, minding your own business when you step on a tiny LEGO brick and -- all the sudden -- you feel an excruciating pain shooting up your legs through your feet until it overtakes your entire body.

We all know the pain too well.

Apparently, so does LEGO.

According to Piwee, The company and French advertising agency Brand Station have joined forces to create slippers with the magical powers that will protect people from ever having to deal with the same kind of horrifying pain ever again.

Sounds perfect, right?

But there's a catch -- only 1,500 pairs of the magical slippers are being produced. The anti-LEGO shoes will then be randomly given to those who have filled out an online holiday wish list located on LEGO France's website.

Brand Station even shared a video on their Facebook page, showing how the slippers are made.

LEGO NOEL 2015 par Brand Station

Car vos enfants adorent les #LEGO ... mais qu'ils adorent par-dessus tout partager leur passion dans toute la maison ... cette année, nous avons imaginé pour vous parents LE cadeau ultime pour #Noël : des chaussons LEGO à la semelle rembourrée qui vous permettront de vous balader en pleine nuit dans la maison ... sans le moindre souci ! ;) #NoelLEGO2015

Posted by Brand Station on Monday, November 9, 2015

Needless to say, people are freaking out over the news.

Thanks to a shortage, you may not have any LEGOs to step on this holiday season. Watch the video below to learn more:

Lego Shortage: Everything Is Not Awesome
Lego Shortage: Everything Is Not Awesome

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