Susan Lucci gives foxy grandmother a makeover

Susan Lucci Gives One Foxy Grandmother a Makeover - See the Jaw-Dropping Reveal

New Jersey native Lisa looks so good for her age, you wouldn't actually believe she's a grandmother.

Despite her to-die-for appearance and figure, the 61-year-old says she's reached a point in her life where she's finally ready to let go of her wild look for something a bit more refined.

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"Now's the best time in my life," Lisa tells Rachael Ray and her guest for the day, Susan Lucci. "I'm retired. I work out five times a week."

Take a peek at the before and after looks:
Susan Lucci grandma makeover
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Susan Lucci gives foxy grandmother a makeover
Credit: Rachael Ray
Credit: Rachael Ray
Credit: Rachael Ray
Credit: Rachael Ray
Credit: Rachael Ray

Lisa, whose style icons include Christie Brinkley, Diane Lane and, of course, Susan Lucci, also credits her desire for change to her budding two-year relationship with her new love, Andrew.

To help Lisa's desire become a reality, Susan Lucci and her team of expert stylists are taking Lisa backstage for a makeover so big, the reveal made Rachael Ray's jaw drop to the floor.

Check it out for yourselves in the video above.

What do you think of Lisa's new look? Sound off in the comments, below.

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