New invention will take your selfie game to the next level

Selfie Sticks Are More Dangerous Than You Think
Selfie Sticks Are More Dangerous Than You Think

The selfie stick: We love it almost as much as we hate it.

On one hand, the device single-handedly ended our need to enlist the help of sketchy strangers to capture the perfect squad photo. On the other hand, selfie sticks kill more people every year than sharks. Win some, lose some.

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But for those of you whose biggest qualm with using a selfie stick is the feeling that you're constantly being judged-- worry no longer. The "selfie arm" is a more...inconspicuous alternative.

Invented by a man who felt embarrassed using a regular selfie stick, this "discrete" device was built by affixing a fake hand to an actual selfie stick, then covering the entire arm and stick with an elongated shirt sleeve.

Here's the arm in action:

But before you add it to your Christmas list, we must warn you that the selfie arm won't be hitting the markets anytime soon-- or ever, for that matter. The design was uploaded to the Japanese website Omocoro by user Mansun as a joke. (But we definitely still admire the way he designed and executed such a clever blueprint. This is truly a man committed to having the strongest selfie game out there.)

Unfortunately for all you selfie-conscious folks out there, unless you can learn to stretch your arms like Mr. Fantastic, you're just going to have to "stick it" with the rest of us.

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