Get your cat eye just right every time with these fool-proof tricks

How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye
How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

Ladies, out of all the makeup looks in the world -- one seems to consistently stump women everywhere. That's right, we're talking about the cat eye look. While it's absolutely fabulous and looks gorgeous when done properly, the cat eye is not an easy task to pull off. Often, it's take plenty of trial and error to get it perfectly right, and even then -- we still feel like it's not how others do it.

But instead of Insta-stalking makeup gurus, or watching countless YouTube videos on winged eyeliner, take a look below at a few tricks for getting it virtually perfect every time. They probably still wont make you a cat eye master overnight, but at least you'll get one step closer.

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Find a straight-edge

Use something like a business card or a small piece of scotch tape, with the straight edge following the angle you want.

Find the right brush

Try a gel liner with an angled eyeliner brush.

Anchor yourself

Use your ring finger or pinky and rest the tip on your cheekbone while your other fingers wield the liner.

Line first, edit later

Line your eyelid with a kohl pencil, extending just the tiniest bit past the outer corner.

Do it backwards

Draw the tail starting from the end, moving towards your eye's outer corner.

Trace, then line

Using an eyeliner brush, use shadow to create your wing shape, then use a gel/cream liner to go over it.

Click through below for more tricks to never messing up your winged look:

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