Boy finds out he's getting a fifth sister in hilarious photo

Boy Finds Out He's Getting a Fifth Sister in Hilarious Pic

When 6-year-old Matthew Last learned that the upcoming addition to the family would be yet another sister, he couldn't help but express his "honest" feelings about it.

Sorry Matthew! Another little princess is on the way! 󾬐󾆫🏼󾭩󾔏 #babynumber6 #itsagirl #may2016

Posted by Laura Last on Thursday, November 12, 2015

His parents posted the picture as a part of their gender announcement, and it got more laughs after it was shared on the father-focused Facebook page Life of Dad.

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We couldn't blame the little guy for dreading more estrogen -- even if he isn't old enough to know what estrogen is.

His mother told NBC the picture is just meant to poke some fun; he's actually very excited to meet his new sister.

He and his sisters even predicted it'd be a girl before they learned the news. Although, the kids seemed more interested in how the gender-revealing doughnuts tasted than what color they were.

Here's the video of us sharing the news with the kids. Turns out they care way more about donuts than the gender of the baby!

Posted by Laura Last on Thursday, November 12, 2015

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