Barbie commercial stars a boy for the first time (Video)

Mattel Breaks Gender Stereotypes With Moschino Barbie Commercial
Mattel Breaks Gender Stereotypes With Moschino Barbie Commercial

A new commercial for a limited edition Barbie doll features a never-before-touted market: a pre-teen boy.

Jeremy Scott's loud and popular fashion line Moschino, worn by the likes of Madonna and Katy Perry, has joined forces with the famous Mattel toy — and the clip promoting the sold-out collection features a young boy and two girls ecstatic over the release.

"Moschino Barbie is so fierce!" the coiffed kid exclaims.

See Barbie around the world:

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And this isn't your mom's Barbie. The Moschino iteration is clad in leather power suits, gold rope and paparazzi-shaming sunglasses.

"She's the girl who has it all, please hold while she takes this call," a jingle sounds as the kids jump for joy. Social media was full of praise for the young man, with varying messages exclaiming it'd be the "best thing you'll see this week."

Gary Janetti, "Family Guy" producer and husband to Hollywood stylist Brad Goreski, joked the commercial was "missing the part where the dad comes in and says "'put that fucking doll down!'"

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Social media cries aside, the doll is so popular its reselling on sites like eBay, according to Vogue. The initial run of 700 units priced at $150 are available on sites like eBay in the $400-800 range.

Watch the video here.

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