Pregnant woman seen dangling from concert hall window during attacks is safe

Pregnant Woman Seen Dangling Out of Paris Concert Hall Window Is Safe
Pregnant Woman Seen Dangling Out of Paris Concert Hall Window Is Safe

A pregnant woman seen hanging from a window of the Bataclan Concert Hall during the Paris attacks is safe, her family and friends have confirmed.

Dramatic footage taken from the street showed the woman desperately clinging onto a third-story window ledge as people fled the scene of the massacre on Friday night.

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She is believed to have cried in French: "I'm pregnant!"

See photos from the scene:

A man came to her aid, but the video panned away before the world could see what happened to her.

Her family has since announced on Twitter that she was pulled to safety, and her baby is fine. They do not wish to identify her as she is still recuperating.

"She wanted to thank everyone who helped her, in particular the man who quickly held out his hand and help her back up," a friend told the Huffington Post in Paris.

The website reported that the man who saved her is also safe, and the two are now in contact.

The man, called Sebastian, told La Province: "She was begging people down below if they would catch her if she jumped. But it was chaos down there. We were 15 metres above the ground.

"I held on for five minutes and then the pregnant woman, who was exhausted, begged me to help her get back inside. That's what I did."

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Her friends and family are grateful.

"She was saved thanks to a succession of small gestures," her friend said. "That's what my friend wants people to know. It's hard to imagine how merely holding out a hand, or putting a hand on a shoulder can save people. These people should thank each other, should hold each other in their arms."

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