Peyton Manning reportedly has torn plantar fascia

Report: Peyton Manning Has Torn Foot Ligament
Report: Peyton Manning Has Torn Foot Ligament

Anyone who watched Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs could tell you that Peyton Manning just didn't look right. Hell, even catching the highlights lowlights showed as much. Perhaps we now have a reason why: According to Adam Schefter, Manning has a partially torn plantar fascia in his right foot. It's the worsening of a condition Manning has been battling throughout the season.

A fun fact from the Schefter farm: Eli Manning dealt with a similar injury in 2009, though his was a full tear (and apparently less painful).

Manning had an absolutely abysmal game against the Chiefs – arguably the worst of his career (5/20, 35 yards, four interceptions, two sacks, and one fumble). His throws were hardly accurate, and even when he had guys open down the field Manning couldn't get enough air under the ball. It looked as though is much-discussed arm strength was petering out. However, apparently the dismal performance was because Manning was basically throwing off one foot.

%shareLinks-quote="For those lucky enough to never have plantar fasciitis, here's the best way I can describe it do you. Every single step feels like a railroad spike is being driven up into your heel." type="spreadWord"%

The pain cuts right through the body and directly to the mind – eventually it leaves you walking pigeon-toed out of sheer preservation. Not exactly the kind of injury one would want while trying to both elude a pass rush and summon lower-body strength.

As of post there has been no news as to whether Manning will sit out Denver's Week 11 road matchup against the Chicago Bears. If he does, Brock Osweiler will likely get the start.

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