Peek inside the 1990 school bus that this couple just turned into a home

5 Things You Didn't Know About Tiny Homes

After the rent for their Atlanta apartment increased by 25 percent, Andrew and Julie Puckett decided to downsize. Little did they know, their home would soon be a manually-converted 1990 school bus.

"I had the idea to search used tiny houses," Julie explained, "and in doing so, found out about school bus conversions."

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The affordability of the bus was not the only factor of the bus that appealed to the Pucketts -- as musicians, the mobility of the home seemed perfect. They plan to drive cross-country to play music this summer.

Their space includes a full shower, wood floors, and even a table that lifts up and becomes a crate for their dog. The full amenities that the bus offers as well as the care and effort put in by the Pucketts helped convert the 25-year-old bus not just into a house, but also into a home.

The Pucketts are not the only ones who are getting to enjoy the cozy bus/home -- they enjoy hosting guests for dinner parties as much as possible!

"We like to keep it at no more than five people," Julie says, "but we've had as many as nine before and we made it work!"

Living in a small space might not always be as successful as it was for the Pucketts. On this topic, Julie expelled some sage advice on whether living tiny could work for you:

"Know yourself and any person you share a tiny space with really, really well. Do this with someone you trust," she says. "Living tiny will challenge you in unexpected ways, but if you're sharing the journey with a loving partner, it takes the scare out of it."

For more photos of the Pucketts' house bus, check out these beauts from their Instagram:
Couple converts 1990 bus into home
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Peek inside the 1990 school bus that this couple just turned into a home
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I had no idea National Coffee Day was a thing until this morning, but so far, I'm all for it! Living in a bus means very limited counter space, so we gave up our bulky drip machine and started using our Bodum french press full time. No complaints here since french press coffee is delicious! Photo by Samuel Laubscher #nationalcoffeeday #coffee #riseandgrind

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