OnlyOnAOL: Austin Mahone gets candid about his new album, releasing free music, and his fans

Austin Mahone Drops
Austin Mahone Drops


"I would consider doing [a holiday album], but I'm trying to focus on getting my actual album out first, though. That's what I'm really working on right now."

Sitting down exclusively with before helping Lord & Taylor unveil their festive holiday windows at their 5th Avenue store, Austin Mahone makes it clear that his sole focus at the moment is working on getting his album released, something that has proven to be way more difficult than it sounds.

"I don't really know when it's going to be out," Mahone explained. "I'm still working on it, and it's going good."

It's been almost six months since "Dirty Work," his upcoming album's first single, was released to good reception from fans and critics alike. It's an exciting new sound for the singer -- a sound that teased to the world what they could expect from his upcoming album. So, even though Mahone isn't sure when his first full-length effort will be released, he promised that he has some exciting material that he plans to put out in the meantime -- for free.


"But I got this project that I made with my friend, Robert, and it's like 16 songs that we just did in the studio at my house," Mahone teased. "The ones I put on SoundCloud -- those were some of the songs that I liked from this project. But I'm gonna put that out for free for the fans to keep them hanging on until the album comes out."

And will these new songs be out before the end of the year?

"I'm trying to," Mahone says hopefully. "Hopefully I can make that happen."

Photos from Lord & Taylor's holiday window unveiling:

Mahone is optimistic, but he's also had to be incredibly patient over the past year, as he's reached roadblocks in releasing his new music. When we asked him what he's most proud of from the past year, he paused before saying just that: He's proud of his patience.

"There have been so many times that I've just almost just lost all my patience, but I'm trying to keep it together as best that I can," he explained. "[I wish I had] released more music. There have been times that I've been about to release something, but then someone has told me to hold off and put it out later and then it doesn't happen and that song gets forgotten about."


It's a constant cycle of frustration for Mahone. But, as mentioned before, he's clearly hopeful about the material he's recorded for his debut album. His goal for the new year? Release a number one single, and there's one group of people he wants to accomplish that goal for: His fans, the Mahomies.

"They're very dedicated to me, so I want to show them love." And whenever that time comes, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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