Mischievous black Labrador steals pizza, starts fire in Connecticut home

Dog Almost Sets House on Fire
Dog Almost Sets House on Fire

As if the Internet needs another pizza-eating animal epidemic, footage of Brookfield, the 2-year-old black Labrador, trying to steal pizza and subsequently starting a fire is going viral.

Gary LeClerc, Brookfield's owner, left a box of pizza sitting on the stove when he wasn't in the room. He probably didn't think his mischievous pup would make the jump up there to get it, let alone start a fire along the way.

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As he was nibbling away, one of his paws hit a knob on the stove. To no surprise, the pizza box burst into flames just seconds later.

About 30 seconds after the fire started, LeClerc came to the rescue, throwing the pizza box on the floor and dumping water on it to extinguish the fire.

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Although LeClerc appreciates the hilarity and ridiculousness of the situation, he recognizes that he dodged a very dangerous bullet.

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LeClerc has now realized that this is a dog-eat-pizza world, from here on out referring to Brookfield as the couple's pizza-stealing, fire-starting dog.

Who loves pizza more: Brookfield, or this raccoon?

Look Out Pizza Rat! Pizza Raccoon Loves Pizza, Too!
Look Out Pizza Rat! Pizza Raccoon Loves Pizza, Too!

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