KFC finally debuts home delivery

KFC Is Latest Fast Food Restaurant to Test Delivery
KFC Is Latest Fast Food Restaurant to Test Delivery

For those days when you want to eat a bucket of fried chicken but don't want to be bothered to actually go get the bucket, KFC's got you covered. As of yesterday, delivery service started in L.A. and San Francisco, via DoorDash (a.k.a. the delivery service currently being sued by In-N-Out). The chain's entire menu is available, plus there are "new combo packs you can't find in stores." (Exciting.)

But wait, chicken-lovers of America -- there's a catch. Somebody's got to pay for all this convenience, and so orders come with a delivery fee that will range between $5 and $7, which doesn't seem like a ton but basically doubles the price of some menu items. Additionally, some of the meals themselves have been marked up, too. Regardless, KFC says chicken deliveries will arrive in Houston by the end of the year, and about 100 stores in total are set to offer the service before the company decides whether it will expand further.

See the evolution of KFC's Colonel Sanders: