How to dress up a store-bought Thanksgiving dinner

How to Dress Up a Store-Bought Thanksgiving Dinner

Grocery stores know you turn to them for little help for Thanksgiving dinner ... so don't feel bad about buying your dinner pre-made.

First of all, what ever you do buy -- take it out of the container and put it in a bowl or plate. It's the least you can do! Fancy up the simplest part of the meal by warming up the bread in the oven and mixing some herbs into your butter.

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You shouldn't have to do much to a store-bought cooked turkey except keep it warm, but you should still dress up the plate: Present that bird on a bed of lettuce and surround it with fresh vegetables and fruit. Add some raisins into your store-bought stuffing, and add bacon pieces to your pre-made veggie sides.

Don't forget you still have to serve dessert...and no, leftover Halloween candy is NOT acceptable. Buy the pies, but make your own whipped cream. Get a pint of heavy whipping cream, add some sugar, and beat with an electric hand mixer until you get the fluffy consistency you want.

So you're not the hostess with the mostest...totally fine. As long as your guests don't leave mid-dinner or call for pizza, you have won Thanksgiving.

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