Debra Messing opens up about what she's learned from her son

When Debra Messing's Not On Set, She's Hanging Out With Her 11-Year-Old Son
When Debra Messing's Not On Set, She's Hanging Out With Her 11-Year-Old Son caught up with Debra Messing on Saturday at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York, where top celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson threw a star-studded party for his 50th birthday.

The "Mysteries of Laura" star is a huge fan of Gibson's. "I call him my velvet teddy bear," she said. "[He] has the gentlest touch. Literally you don't even know he's working on your hair when you're having your makeup done. He's so soothing ... He's an artist with a capital 'A.'"

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Messing also gushed about her 11-year-old son and one extremely valuable life lesson she's learned from him. "My son has changed me in the most fundamental way," she explained. "I think what he teaches me is to really, really look at the world in this moment."

"He's learning and changing so much, and he's forming opinions about the world. And those opinions are changing, because he's growing up ... it's a reminder of [the fact that] everything changes ... Don't stay stuck."

Messing voiced some opinions of her own regarding the underrepresentation of women working in the theater and in Hollywood.

On Twitter she recently showed her support for the #WakingTheFeminists campaign highlighting the plight of female playwrights in Ireland:

According to Messing, the solution to getting equal representation of women working in the arts is clear. "It's just a matter of the people in power hiring more women. It's as simple as that. Because the talent and the intellect is there. The capabilities are there. It's not that the talent is lacking. It's just a model that everyone is used to, and that is a male model ...

"We need strong men in powerful positions who will say ... 'a woman's point of view is invaluable and will make our art better."'

See photos of Debra Messing through the years:

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