Daycare workers reportedly fired after refusing to accept transgender child

How Language Helped Both Parents And Children Understand Trans Identity
How Language Helped Both Parents And Children Understand Trans Identity

The Children's Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas lost two employees recently after reports state they refused to address a transgender child by his preferred gender identity.

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Former daycare center manager, Madeline Kirksey and co-worker, Akesha Wyatt have since filed a lawsuit against the daycare center because they feel their religious belief has been discriminated against.

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According to local ABC affiliate, KTRK, "both women were fired two weeks ago after a six-year-old child returned to the daycare with his parents saying he identified as a boy, but both Kirksey and Wyatt refused to call him by his chosen name."

A Christian author and blogger, Kirksey reportedly feels that the boy's parents, who are a gay couple, are forcing the issue of gender onto their child.

Kirksey and Wyatt claim their Christian rights have been infringed upon, and that Kirksey "was sacrificed on the altar of political correctness," according to her attorney.

In Merlo, Argentina, 8-year-old Luana had to fight for the right to be a girl. Now, she finally feels she can be herself:

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