Bangkok half-marathon slip-up leaves runners furious

Man Uses Body to as Advertisement for a Date During Marathon
Man Uses Body to as Advertisement for a Date During Marathon

After this guy literally used his body as a personal advertisement during the Chicago Marathon, we thought we had heard the brunt of bizarre running stories.

That is until Sunday, when a routing error accidentally extended the Standard Chartered Bangkok half-marathon from 13 miles to nearly 17 miles long.

Songrakm Kraison, vice president of The Jogging Association of Thailand, one of two organizers of the race, admitted to the error on Monday.

%shareLinks-quote="The association apologizes for the mistake. It will not happen again in the future." type="quote" author="Songrakm Kraison" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

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Surapong Ariyamongkol of the The Athletic Association of Thailand, which oversees athletic events in the country, accredited the route change to a "technical error."

He told The Guardian that the race officials responsible for pointing runners in the right direction inadvertently directed them to make a U-turn at the wrong place. This error "added more than 3km [1.8 miles] to each lap, therefore more than 6km were added to the whole half-marathon."

However, these "bonus miles" were freebies most of the runners were not too thrilled to receive. As people tend to do these days, they have taken to social media to voice their distress.

One particularly put off user demanded to know how she and her fellow half-marathoners would be compensated for their distress:

Hello. I would like to voice out my rather not so Fun experience at Bangkok Standard Chartered Marathon 2015. I signed...

Posted by Hannah Manua on Saturday, November 14, 2015

At least one Facebook user found humor in the situation, joking that since the price of the race increased this year, naturally, the length did as well.

Bangkok officials offered an 'apology' to runners, but we're not sure it will appease the runners.

%shareLinks-quote="Hey, they increased the price this year, so you get more kilometers for your money!" type="quote" author="Matthew H. Benton" authordesc="Facebook user" isquoteoftheday="false"%

More Bangkok for your buck, indeed.

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