Watch: High school football player brutally pokes rival in the eyes


Credit: YouTube

The Internet erupted in outrage after video surfaced of a high school player brutally gouging the eyes of a rival opponent during a game.

The video shows Minneapolis North High School player Antwan Cobble stabbing Minneota running back Isaac Hennen in the eye towards the end of a game on Saturday night. The move was a desperate move by the Minneapolis North senior, whose team ended up losing the game.

Footage of the incident shows Cobble brutally poking at least two fingers through Hennen's facemask during a tackle, injuring the running back and sending him off the field for the rest of the game.

Surprisingly, there was no flag on the play.

The eye-gouging incident was recorded on a live telecast and footage was posted on Reddit early Sunday, where users called out Cobble for his dirty move.

"He should banned from the sport for life," said one Redditor, adding that players, "like this don't deserve the privilege to continue playing."

Another user called the act, "lower than scum."

North head coach Charles Adams also spoke out about his player's move, telling the Star Tribune, "I don't teach kids to do that, to poke people in the eye ... I don't accept it or tolerate it."

Minneota athletic director Jason Myhre said that although Hennen told him the play "really hurt," the running back is relatively unhurt besides having sore eyes.

Watch what happened when a Denver Bronco poked an opposing player in the eye:

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