Ronda Rousey predicted her own defeat on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Ronda Rousey Transported to Hospital After Loss to Holly Holm
Ronda Rousey Transported to Hospital After Loss to Holly Holm

Much of the build-up to UFC 193 was trying to build Holly Holm as a top contender despite having only two UFC fights to her name. Still, her boxing credentials can't be denied. She was a 19-time world champion, and amassed a career of 38-2-3 in her professional boxing career. This meant that Rousey couldn't afford to fight her standing up, but Holm also demonstrated great takedown defense in getting out of one of Rousey's patented armbars just two minutes into the first round.

Ronda commented on this bad style matchup when she was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon prior to the fight where she said:

She's the type of fighter where you have to be very, very patient with. I feel like she'll try to keep distance and keep far away from me and get me frustrated to the point where I'll try and make a mistake and she'll try to kick me in the head but it's not going to go like that.

Video is below.

As it turns out, it went exactly like that. Holm kept her distance in the first round and caught Rousey clean with jabs from the outside leaving her face a bloody mess. Rousey got out of the first round for just the second time in her career, and lost a round for the first time ever. The second round, of course, saw the head kick heard 'round the world as Holm becomes the new champion while Rousey had to be escorted to a hospital.

Of course, Rousey's nemesis and current Invicta champion Cris Cyborg was watching the fight closely, and after the loss she was quick to bring back her Jimmy Fallon appearance (WARNING: contains NSFW language):

This fight really changes the entire landscape of the women's bantamweight division, as the invincible Rousey proved fallible. There is no doubt that this is the biggest upset in UFC history.