Derrick Rose's double vision could last 3 more months

Derrick Rose's Epic Battle With Injuries: A Timeline
Derrick Rose's Epic Battle With Injuries: A Timeline

Derrick Rose is off to a rough start to the season but you can't really blame him. Rose is still dealing with double vision in his eye as a result of the orbital fracture he suffered in training camp. Rose is averaging just 12.6 points per game on 35.9 percent shooting from the field. It is clear that his blurred vision is hampering his ability to shoot the ball.

On Sunday while speaking to reporters, head coach Fred Hoiberg detailed the fact that Rose's double vision might be here for a while.

Rose understands that it is out of his control of when his vision will be back to 100 percent.

The Bulls have enough talent around Rose for them to keep winning games until Rose's vision is back to normal. Rose, to his credit, is playing through the double vision and is averaging 6 assists per game on the season. He's playing the role of facilitator pretty well and is helping his team in any way possible.

Hopefully Rose's vision does come back sooner than the three-month timetable Hoiberg gave. The NBA is much better when Rose is playing at a high level.

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