Passionate bakers reveal why they love what they do

Everyone has their own ways of unwinding. Whether it's hitting the gym or bingeing on Netflix, it's healthy to have a go-to activity that you know will relieve stress and take your mind off your problems.

For some, this relief is found through baking.

All cooking is an art form, but baking is not the same as sautéing vegetables. There are lots of unique, specific factors that go into the process of using an oven versus a pan or a grill. People can pour their hearts into baking fabulous desserts and beautiful dinners, all while finding peace.

Several bakers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal their honest truths about why they love to bake.

What's a better pick-me-up than a cupcake?
I love baking so much that it always puts me in a better mood no matter how horrible I feel.

Baking is an easy way to fall into a perfectionist trap:
I love baking but only when my recipes work out. When they don

History proves that food is the best way to give thanks:
I love baking, but I never bake for myself. I always bake for my family. It

Who needs therapy when you can bake?

It's a beautiful thing when you can combine your passion with your career goals:
I plan to one day open a bakery. Baking is my passion. When I am angry, sad, bored, lonely... I bake... I bake a lot..

Any relationship has ups and downs ... and cookies?
Baking is my true love. Yea we fight and I get burnt every once in a while, but she sure does taste good!

Baking gives you the opportunity to test out recipes, like a scientist of deliciousness:
I love baking. I also like to experiment and sometimes not everything works ��

There's no better feeling than knowing you have given someone a yummy treat:
I love baking, I feel so appreciated when someone compliments the treats I make

The kitchen is the perfect place to lose yourself in your project:
I love baking, i forget about my worries and focus on the ingredients. It

For some, it's a cathartic experience:
Baking is how I escape for awhile. What I bake reflects how I

Some of the most refined expertise is found in bakeries:
I love baking... The kitchen is the one place I can truly show people what I do best

Not everyone realizes that a baker might take it personally if you reject his or her offer:

There's no better friend than the friend who bakes for you:
Baking is how I

For more passionate confessions from bakers, check out Whisper.​
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