Why you might be seeing fewer commercials on TV

Why You Might Be Seeing Fewer Commercials On TV

There's a new trend that should be good news to television viewers.

According to reports, major media companies are scaling back on the number of commercials they air during primetime shows.

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This change has been prompted by competition for a younger audience from ad-free, on-demand sites like Netflix and from advertisers who want less clutter in the marketplace.

Viacom has confirmed its reduced ad load which the CEO talked about in September as a way to "improve the consumer experience and drive pricing."

TruTV, which is owned by Time Warner, will reportedly start having 50 percent fewer ads during its primetime original programming towards the end of 2016.

Fox is trying out a new approach for its Hulu content where the user will be engaged in an interactive ad for 30 seconds versus the typical 2-1/2 minute stream of commercials.

The media companies do not expect this shift to hurt revenues significantly, as the advertising market has already been weakened by lower ratings.

Networks should also be able to charge more per slot since there will be less supply and a greater likelihood of viewers seeing the promo.

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Why you might be seeing fewer commercials on TV
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