What your dog's barks really mean

Grandpa Has a Conversation with Howling Beagle
Grandpa Has a Conversation with Howling Beagle

Despite the above video, there is one limitation that makes it hard to understand why dogs are man's best friends: They can't talk.

People often feel emotional connections with their animals, can sense how they feel and believe that their pets can do the same. However, as can happen with any language barrier, it's easy to run into the problem of figuring out exactly what your furry friend wants from you.

Not to fear, the dog whisperer is here.

As it turns out, your dogs' sounds are more intelligent than they may seem. Depending on the particular bark, you may be able to decipher what he or she is asking of you -- this may, in turn, solve some serious housebreaking and noise level problems that you're having in your home.

What are often deemed "behavioral problems" might actually be your pets' way of communicating with you, so check the symptoms before you return them to the shelter!


Can't get your dog to -- for lack of a better word -- shut up? This doesn't just mean that you have a cuckoo canine. He or she might be totally unstimulated.

%shareLinks-quote="Sounds that are repeated frequently, or at a rapid rate, indicate a degree of urgency" type="quote" author="Stanley Coren" authordesc="author of 'How Dogs Think'" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Dogs are usually, unlike cats, dependent. If your pup is by his or her lonesome for the same number of hours that you're at work, boredom will ensue. Through vigorous exercise and practicing gradual separation, the dog will not only have had more of a release to help get through the day, but also know that "leaving [does] not signify permanent abandonment."

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Dogs aren't just your friends -- they're also your bodyguards! Dogs staring out windows and doors aren't just mundane stereotypes -- they're real reactions to their protective instincts.

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If your dog wants something -- a walk, her toy, your dinner -- then her bark will be directed at you. They sound similar to an alert bark, but they're talking directly to you, not staring at whatever danger they're sensing.

Your dog's being firm with you -- give her a piece of your steak, she's not messing around.


If your dog is afraid or hurt, he will whimper, much like a person might. If you hear whining or repeated yelping, go check on your pup and make sure there are no cut paws or threatening cats around.


If you and Fido are wrestling, and he lets out a yip, he's probably just responding to the cuddly fun. "This is great," he might be saying.

Usually, you'll know if your dog is being playful. There will be no alarm in her tone -- it might sound just like a good friend saying hello.

Watch this amazing video about how one dog's bark saved its family's lives:

Family Dog's Barking Alerts Owners In Time To Escape Fire
Family Dog's Barking Alerts Owners In Time To Escape Fire

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