Watch this hilarious pug recreate all your favorite TV shows

If you need some pugs to make your day, this video is what you need. There's nothing better than merging your love for some of the most iconic TV shows with these adorable pets, especially when the star is Doug the Pug. Doug is a celebrity pug with more than 48,000 followers on Twitter, one million on Instagram and 23,000 subscribers on YouTube. In this latest, phenomenal episode, Doug recreates a number of cult TV shows from "Friends," "Breaking Bad" and "Dexter," to "Law and Order," "Pretty Little Liars" and "Orange is the New Black."

Among many videos, Doug has also recreated the iconic photoshoot where Justin Bieber was all about his abs. You can be the judge on who is more photogenic:

Doug the Pug Lives Like Justin Bieber for the Day
Doug the Pug Lives Like Justin Bieber for the Day

And here are some more pugs for you:

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