This restaurant will bring strangers together for free meal on Thanksgiving

Home Alone: Tips For Making The Best Of Spending Thanksgiving Solo
Home Alone: Tips For Making The Best Of Spending Thanksgiving Solo

The holiday season can be an especially hard time for those alone, but this Michigan restaurant owner wants to change this.

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Senate Coney Island, a restaurant located in southeastern Michigan, just put a sign in their window that reads "George's Thanksgiving Day dinner. If anyone is home alone, come eat with us for free! All day Thurs. November 26."

The restaurant's owner, George Dimopoulos recently told local NBC affiliate, WILX, exactly why he pays it forward.

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The kind hearted man, who came to America from Greece when he was 23, explains that when he left home at 12-years-old, he was homeless for a time and depended on others for food.

Now, he'd like to return the favor.

The sign in the restaurant window was just posted on Reddit on Thursday Nov. 12, and has since gone viral across the internet. We're willing to bet that Dimopoulos, who usually sees dozens of people on this holiday, is about to get lines and lines of strangers showing up to feel the Thanksgiving love.

See how different spots around the country celebrate Thanksgiving:

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