The 11 best things to buy at Gap right now


The other day someone at the Cut asked, "Is Gap good or is it just me? Is it okay to like them again?" Her tone was confusion tinged with shame. Is this the kind of scenario where you buy something but play off where you acquired it should someone ask? The short answer: no. The longer answer is that Gap has made a quiet comeback in the past year.

There's no question that the brand has had its ups and downs, especially after Rebekkah Bay left earlier this year. It's easy to overlook the changes when so many other shiny labels are fighting for your attention. But surprisingly you'll find some fantastic, affordable, and well-made pieces. If you want to replace your basics at a fraction of the cost, you could easily go to the Gap for a good white shirt, a cozy sweater and more. And no, this isn't an ad — we genuinely like everything, so read on for our picks.

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