Tess Morris gets candid about dating in 'Man Up'

Film Clip: 'Man Up'
Film Clip: 'Man Up'

Yes, dating is hard – and Tess Morris completely agrees.

"I'm a really bad dater. I find it to be really uncomfortable because you're pretending to be someone essentially," the British screenwriter told AOL.

The self-described "romantic realist" channeled everyone's innermost thoughts about dating into a hilarious rom-com titled "Man Up," which follows the story of the one thing many single people dread – the first date.

"Man Up" stars Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. In a random twist of fate, Jack (Pegg) mistakes Nancy (Bell) as his blind date. She decides to play along and the two go on a first date like never before.

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Morris is the first one to admit that Bell's cynical character, Nancy, is very much inspired by her own life.

"It's very autobiographical. She's like 65 percent me. And then the rest is a good combination of all my friends," Morris hilariously confessed.

The talented screenwriter was honored in October with the 2015 BAFTA Breakthrough Brits award – an honor that she sees as a major win for romantic comedies everywhere.

"It's validating because they chose someone who writes romantic comedy. It's a genre that's often overlooked," Morris said.

And with many big names like Meryl Streep and Amy Schumer taking home awards, she also gushed about the record number of female honorees in the film business.

"It's fantastic! It shows how the world is evolving and changing."

And we have to admit, the spunky screenwriter has some tough skin. Morris shared some advice she's learned from her own career – and it looks like it's working.

"Just be yourself. I try not to let anyone put me down." Morris revealed. "I want to be seen as a writer rather than a female writer. The best way to level the playing field is just to be seen as the same stature as anyone who is writing."

While Morris played it coy about her dream man, she did jokingly gush about a handsome celeb she's had her eyes on.

"If Bradley Cooper wants to take me on a date I would accept."

We couldn't agree more.