Parisians open their doors to strangers with hashtag #PorteOuverte

Paris Hit By Multiple Violent Attacks, Several Dead
Paris Hit By Multiple Violent Attacks, Several Dead

As Paris, France reacts to multiple terrorist attacks on Friday night, the people of the city are coming together by opening their doors to strangers.

Using the hashtag #PorteOuverte, which means "open door," Parisians are offering their homes as shelter to those who need a safe place to sleep. Due to the attacks, certain subway lines have been disrupted meaning some people may not be able to get home.

Images of people using #PorteOuverte:

Some people in the area are also tweeting that taxis in Paris have turned off their meters to help get people home safe.

Late on Friday night, multiple gun and bomb attacks took place across the city, which left at least 60 people dead and dozens injured. The current situation in Paris is still developing, with police storming a concert hall where up to 100 people were believed to have been taken hostage by gunmen.