Ohio animal shelter adopts out every animal in its care

For the first time, the Summit County Animal Control center in Akron, Ohio was utterly silent as they were animal free.

All 93 cats and dogs were adopted out within the first 90 minutes of the shelter's 6th annual adopt-a-thon on Saturday, according to ABC News. This was the very first time the shelter managed to find a loving home for each of their animals.

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Director Christine Fatheree said that people were definitely excited about this year's adopt-a-thon, as many people seeking to adopt were in line at 6:30 AM, for a 10 AM start time. People even brought lawn chairs to make themselves comfortable, and by the time the doors opened, the line was 300 people long.

Fatheree credits the hardworking volunteers and staff at the animal shelter, along with social media, for this year's success.

While all the dogs and cats were adopted by loving families, one elderly couple was not able to adopt, but made a heartwarming contribution to the shelter, sponsoring the adoption of 50 animals.

Fatheree has had her position at the shelter for the past 12 years and loves every second of it.

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