Office germs are all too real: Find out what the dirtiest spots in the office are

The Best Way to Make Sitting at Your Desk All Day Suck Less
Office workers, there's a few things you should know about your workspace that may or may not surprise you. While you're typing away at your computer or conferencing in on your phone -- millions of germs may be lurking right in those very places.

While you've probably heard about the dirtiest places in your bathroom or kitchen, we've got another common area you need to look out for when it comes to dirt and grime -- the office.

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While this might completely freak you out the next time you get ready to head into work, trust us when we say, you want to know these spots. While you probably can't avoid them forever, it might help you be more conscious of spreading germs from these spots to yourself and others.

1. Break room sink faucet handles

Photo: Getty

2. Microwave door handles

Photo: Getty

3. Keyboards

Photo: Getty

4. Refrigerator door handles

Photo: Getty

5. Water fountain buttons

Photo: Getty

6. Vending machine buttons

Photo: Getty

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Dirtiest places on an airplane
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Office germs are all too real: Find out what the dirtiest spots in the office are

Tray Table

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Air Vent

(Photo: Alamy)

Lavatory flush button

(Photo: Getty Images)

Safety Belt

(Photo: Getty Images)


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