Millennials... Let's remember retirement

By: The Lipstick Giraffe

So you have a decent job and your love life or dating life is in solid shape. You have a few bucks to spend on a vacation or two every year. Everything's going just like you want. Your retirement plans are on track too...right?

Take a long look around. Not on the internet, or on TV. Do you know a lot of people that are 60 years old and finally buying that vineyard they always wanted to run like we see all the time in those commercials? I didn't think so. But we may know one of two people that managed to pull it off. Unless you're planning on competing with a younger, more technologically advanced work force in 30 years, you better get on it too. We don't all have great paying jobs, but if the beginning of this post sounds like you, here's some habits that will help you get there:

Save save save: did you save as much money in the last twelve months as you planned? Wait, you don't have a savings target? That's kind of a big problem. Saving is what it's all about. It's the foundation of living a debt free life and being able to invest in your future. So get on it. If you're not married with kids, you have no excuse. Get aggressive. Put away at least half of that paycheck! I know, no more buying rounds every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for a while.

Invest invest invest: I really don't mean money here. Continue to invest in yourself. You're about nine of ten years out from college. You did all the right things during your 20s to put together a respectable career. Don't "settle in" and hit the cruise control. Find the path to the next level of your career and get there with that same youthful no-brainer determination. Oh, and buy a house or something because we like appreciation. And 401k.

Get a side hustle: You might have just read everything and thought, "yea so I don't have that kind of cash to invest." Turn it up gents. There's a big world out there and plenty of creative (and not so creative) ways to make money. If you're not much of an entrepreneur, invest in any necessary education required to get you to the next level. Continuous self improvement is the norm. You'll get there if you keep pushing. Take that money and time you spend at the bar, restaurants, and trips to Jamaica, and put it into earning more money or advancing your career.

None of this is easy, but it's the least we should be doing. Good luck out there. Share your tips in the comments on The Lipstick Giraffe!

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