Justin Bieber and One Direction dropped albums on the same day and the Internet is breaking

Bieber's Album 'Purpose' Shows New Man
Bieber's Album 'Purpose' Shows New Man

As most loyal fans know, both Justin Bieber and One Direction released new albums on Friday, November 13, officially proving that Friday the 13th does not necessarily bring bad luck. Both 'Purpose' and 'Made It In The A.M.' are huge gifts to fans, who have long-waited their releases and been satisfied with weekly singles up until this point.

Naturally, the Internet blew up over these albums dropping. Fans totally supported their respective muses, and some even threw a little healthy competition into the mix.

Check out how people are celebrating this historic day on social media:

Bieber's music has inspired some fans to create their own art:

The new 1D album is about as necessary as seasonal Starbucks:

Fans really feel like their 1D boys are making music for them, not just for the industry:

Sticks and stones, 1D boys, sticks and stones.

It's always good to have your priorities straight:

They just keep getting better:

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Not having access to 'MITAM' is equal to 10,000 Adele heartbreak songs:

Could 'Purpose' earn Justin one of the most highly-esteemed awards in the music industry?

Dancing to 'Purpose' is almost an out-of-body experience

Even fictional celebrities love the Biebs:

Share your opinion about the new music:

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