Dubai is giving jetpacks to firefighters for rescue operations

Only in Dubai: Firefighters Will Get Cutting-Edge Jetpacks
Only in Dubai: Firefighters Will Get Cutting-Edge Jetpacks

According to The Verge, Dubai ordered 20 jetpacks and two training simulators for the Dubai Civil Defense service. This decision could turn rescue missions into the situations that could be in a Bond movie. It could also allow responders to help in emergencies that normally are not easily accessible. Considering the city's ever growing number of skyscrapers, the jetpacks could be particularly useful for accessing the top floors of those buildings. As BBC states, each jetpack has a catalogue price of $250,000, making up for a multi-million-dollar contract for the full order.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY NZealand-aviation-j
TO GO WITH AFP STORY NZealand-aviation-j

Dubai is also planning to test the case in which an unmanned jetpack could be controlled remotely to reach the top floors of a building and lift people off of it. The devices have central computers that controls the balance and stability, while the pilot choses the direction of flight. They work more like personal helicopters than cartoonish, rocket-like devices strapped to your back. This type of jetpack was invented by New Zealand resident Glenn Martin, who spent 30 years perfecting the technology.

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