What fast food looks like in ads vs. real life

What Fast Food Looks Like in Ads Vs. Real Life
What Fast Food Looks Like in Ads Vs. Real Life

November 16 is National Fast Food Day. While we may be celebrating with a burger at some point, we're also taking a look at what you're really getting when you go to a fast food restaurant. Have you ever noticed that some items never look quite like what they do in the commercials?

Wendy's has a sandwich called The Baconator, which is heaps of beef and bacon, yet doesn't have quite so much height in real life, while Burger King and 7/11 sell what's known as the Doritos loaders, that upon purchasing seems may need some more loading.

A few other items that don't appear the way they seem in photos are Dunkin' Donuts' Tailgater, Pizza Hut's personal pizzas and Taco Bell's Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Now, sometimes these items may not look as great in real life as they do when photographed -- but when you're eating them, they can taste pretty good, so who cares?

Watch the video above to see the difference between what fast food items look like in ads vs. real life, and check out the gallery below to discover secret fast food menu items:

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