Twinception: Twin brothers and twin sisters marry in front of twin priests

Identical Twins Marry Another Set of Twins in Ceremony By Twin Priests

Dinker and Dilraj Varikkassery loved being twins since they were young. Not only did they constantly spend time together and dress similarly, they also decided during their teen years that they would marry identical twin sisters.

And that they did.

Since the twins wouldn't settle for singular, or even fraternal, love, they turned to the newspaper to aid in their search.

"Many proposals came following our ads in newspapers and matrimonial sites," said Dinker. "But there was a problem."

Twins wed another set of twins
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Twinception: Twin brothers and twin sisters marry in front of twin priests

Due to their high standards as well as the low numbers of twins born in India, it took the boys five years, a Facebook group, the occasional twin-themed get-together, and one 'matrimonial portal' to find women worth the wait.

The twin girls felt the same way.

Reena and Reema grew up similarly to the Varikkassery boys, attending school and work together, and having long-term dreams of marrying twin brothers.

So the twins found each other. Happily ever after, right?

Not just yet.

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The two sets of twins weren't satisfied with just being identical couples -- the entire wedding had to be twin-themed.

At one of their twin meet ups, the Varikkassery brothers had met twin priests Rezi and Rozy Manaparambil, and they reached out to them about conducting the ceremony. Since the priests had a completely booked calendar, the couples waited months for availability. The priests then traveled 600 kilometers to the ceremony in Thrissur, Kerala State on the west coast of India.

Watch the full video of their ceremony here:

Incredible Kerala Wedding::Grooms::Brides::Flower Girls:: Page Boys::Priests:: All Twins

Remarkable Indian Wedding in Kerala::Grooms twins:: Brides twins:: Flower Girls twins:: Page Boys twins:: Take your breath, the Priests are twins:: too!|Share this::|::Your friends will love to watch::|

Posted by Paul Raj on Monday, November 9, 2015

Also in identical attendance at the wedding were page boys Henry and Hendry as well as flower girls Asna and Ansa. Including the brides and grooms, there ended up being a total of seven sets of twins.

"In our twins get-together, usually there will [be] around 10 to 12 sets of twins," said Dilraj. "It was," he said of the twin attendance at his wedding, "not enough."

Even if Dilraj is disappointed, the rest of the world still thinks he and his brother are #twinning.

For another cool twin story, check out the video below:

Twins Find Out They're Both Expecting Second Set of Twins

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