Trunk Club launches for women: Shopping just got a whole lot easier

Trunk Club for Women
Trunk Club for Women

By Logan Sowa

Online shopping can be addictive, there's no doubt about it. We love it, but it can take up so much of your time because the options are endless, and you want to browse each sale to the end -- what if the shoes on page 16 are the ones that are meant for you?!

And everyone loves a good shopping trip to the store, but this girl typically only lasts for a few hours and then I need to be done. And how often do you find something you really like, but you have one of those "ugh I just don't want to try it on," moments? (All the time.)

So imagine this -- you hop on the phone for a quick chat with a stylist, tell her about your style, your favorite brands, what you typically do on weekends and your sizes -- and then she shops for you. That's what men have been enjoying for years with Trunk Club, and it just recently launched for women, too! We got to try it out, and honestly, it was so fun, and my stylist Marjorie nailed it. She took note of things I said I didn't like to wear, and also asked if there were any specific items I was on the hunt for (Oh perfect leather jacket, where art thou?). In the end, she shipped a trunk to me, chock-full of fabulousness, totally free.

I then had 10 days to try everything on and decide whether I wanted to keep it -- you only pay for what you keep! -- and then as soon as I was ready, Marjorie scheduled a pickup for me to send back the items I didn't choose. Needless to say, it was one of the easiest and most pleasant shopping experiences I've had lately. It's a breeze. The boys have been lucking out all of these years!

So are you looking for a little help finding that perfect holiday party dress? Or if you, like me, just really want some new chunky sweaters and other staples for fall, they can definitely help with that.

Photo: Trunk Club

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