This evil alarm clock slaps you in the face to wake you up

This Alarm Clock Works by Smacking You in the Face
This Alarm Clock Works by Smacking You in the Face

Waking up is a pretty hard process. Even though there are a million different types of alarm clocks you can choose from to try to start your day on time, they are rarely effective for most people. Some alarms try waking you up the nice way, with a delicate scent of sizzling bacon, or by brewing coffee, while others are incredibly rough to make sure you are not late for work. The latest marvel in the DIY alarm clock world is an evil creation that literally slaps you in the face until you get up.

Maker Simone Giertz uploaded a video on YouTube explaining how she built the "wake-up machine" using an Arduino microprocessors and a few other components for the hardware, including a fake arm - essential part of the clock. The video shows a few tests and attempts to perfect the device, which can turn your bed into a very uncomfortable situation you will just want to get out of really fast. Here is the video she posted:

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