These are the 8 dirtiest items in your bathroom

Hidden Health Dangers in Your Bathroom
Hidden Health Dangers in Your Bathroom

If you thought the toilet was the dirtiest place in your bathroom (or even home), you're dead wrong! Believe it or not, many of the places you wouldn't expect to be dirty are actually filled with germs galore. While you might not want to hear this, we thought you should absolutely know what the dirtiest items in your bathroom actually are. Before you scrub that toilet clean and call it a day, listen closely.

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1. Toothbrush holder
Deemed the third dirtiest place in your entire home.

2. Toilet
While your toilet does hold many germs, it is also responsible for transporting them all over your bathroom.

3. Bathmat
The warm, damp area becomes the perfect spot for mold to grow.

4. Shower head
A study by researchers at University of Colorado found that shower heads can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Faucet and faucet handles
Besides the bacteria launched from your toilet to your faucet, it's also the most touched area in your bathroom.

6. Sink (especially around drain)
With all the hand washing, face washing and tooth brushing, your sink is exposed to many types of bacteria.

7. Bathtub
The bacteria on your body sticks to the sides of your bathtub making it one of the dirtiest places in your bathroom.

8. Your Loofa
Your loofa is constantly damp, making it the perfect breading ground for bacteria and mold.

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