Tenants share disturbing horror stories about landlords

Over 110 million Americans rent instead of buy their homes. This means that nearly 40 percent of US residents deal with landlords.

Of course, several people have positive experiences with rentals, good relationships with their landlords and are sad to leave if and when they move on to a more permanent home. However, landlords often get a bad rap for being greedy, intrusive and sometimes even going beyond legal means to secure as much money as possible for their tenants. Living with an unsatisfactory landlord can really taint not only how you feel about him or her as a person, but also your overall comfort within your living situation.

Several distressed tenants took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to expose some particularly disturbing landlord tales.

Extenuating circumstances on your landlord's end may give you the legal right to opt out of your contract:
I pay rent on time. I follow the lease. My landlord calls and texts at 1am, 4 days before rent is due, demanding rent. They haven

Depending on your lease, your landlord usually must have a reason to ask you to leave:
My landlord wants to evict me today, but I never received an eviction notice

It is a really unsettling feeling to know someone who makes you feel unsafe has access to your home:
My landlord makes disgusting sexual comments to me and I don

You should be able to feel comfortable in your own home, emotionally and physically:
Its freezing outside, I live in a house full of windows and yet my landlord won

Although you may be having a bad experience, it might be good motivation to find a place where you are actually happy:
I hate that my landlord takes forever to respond to my repair requests. It may be time to move.

A landlord should make you feel taken care of, not anxious:
I HATE living right next to my landlord! My every move is being watched!

Whoever said not to mix business with pleasure was right:
My landlord asked me out on a date I said no yesterday. This morning he messaged me saying I have 1 week to move out.

Landlords usually have the right to enter your home for valid reasons, but sometimes it straight up crosses the line:
My landlord enters my apartment and steals things. I just installed cameras to catch him.

Your landlord is responsible for keeping the entire building livable, not just individual apartments:
My landlord is a slumlord. Just found out our place has had black mold for the past 9 years. No wonder we

Infestations make for an unacceptable living situations:
Bugs are invading my room and my landlord refuses to help me. I

For more tenant complaints, check out Whisper.​

Having landlord troubles of your own? Check out the video below:

Renters Rights: What to Do If You Have Landlord Problems

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