Spotify's mind-reading robots will now tell you which concerts you'll love

Should You Subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify?
Should You Subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify?

Spotify has already brought its deep artificial intelligence chops to playlists with "Discover Weekly," a personalized playlist that updates each week and is eerily good at picking songs you'll like. Since its debut in July, this playlist has quickly become a cult favorite, and inspired people on Twitter to freak out if it doesn't update every Monday morning.

Now Spotify is building on that success by using its AI to give you a different set of recommendations: concerts.

On Thursday, Spotify released a new "Concerts" feature that will analyze your listening habits and tell you which concerts around you it thinks you will like. You will then be able to buy tickets for the show.

If you are traveling, you can also click "Change Location" and browse concerts happening anywhere in the world.

Spotify isn't the only streaming giant to dip its toe into the concert market. Last month, Pandora acquired high-tech ticketing agency Ticketfly for $450 million. The two companies say they are seeking to "create the world's most efficient platform for connecting listeners with live shows from their favorite bands."

That sounds a lot like what Spotify is trying to build as well. We'll see who does it better. Spotify is partnering with concert-tracking service Songkick for this feature.

"Concerts" will begin to roll out to Spotify users today.

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