OnlyOnAOL: 'Scandal' star Scott Foley is all bite and lots of bark

Kerry Washington on Purple Purse and "Scandal"
Kerry Washington on Purple Purse and "Scandal"


Pet hair is almost as inevitable as death and taxes.

As any cat or dog owner (save those who have hairless breeds) knows, an animal means a fair amount of shedding. And to that end, "Scandal" star Scott Foley, a longtime supporter of four-legged causes, is promoting Swiffer's Welcome Home campaign, providing kits that help keep things on the up and up at home.

"I'm an animal lover. I'm in a position where I can bring some attention to these different animal causes. There are tons of pets that need to be adopted. One of the main concerns that prevents pets from being adopted is the mess (factor). Give me a free Swiffer!" says Foley. "I have three kids, a dog, a cat, chickens. It's one more thing to clean, pet hair on kids' clothes, but if we can solve the problem and get a few animals adopted, it's a great thing."

When told that this writer had just found her dream dog, a rescue named Tia, Foley was exuberant.

"Will you adopt one today? Yes!" says Foley. "I have one dog at the moment. We're looking for a second."

As for his day job, that too involves plenty of growling and barking, albeit of a less obvious variety. Foley's show, which airs Thursdays, has found its titillating sweet spot once again in season five and goes on a winter break after next week's episode.

Last week, Jake (Foley) confronted power broker Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), telling her she's become her corrupt father's daughter, a madly ambitious, Machiavellian control freak. She orders him to leave. He does -- but not before kissing her. Not a smart move, given that she's now the president's girlfriend.

"I think this is one of our best seasons. I love seeing them together. There's some great stuff coming up. Her father is out of prison. She hasn't told him she let him out," says Foley.

Does he hook back up with Olivia? Foley won't say anything about the plots, kept top secret by creator Shonda Rhimes.

"Not yet. But I don't know. Trust me, remember those three kids I mentioned? I'm not jeopardizing my job at all."

Well handled, Mr. Foley.

Here's a look at Foley's on-screen amour, Washington.