Miley Cyrus gets very nude for 'V' magazine

Miley Cyrus Poses In Full Frontal Nudity For V Magazine
Miley Cyrus Poses In Full Frontal Nudity For V Magazine

In V magazine's Winter issue, they have a photo spread of backstage mischief at this past year's MTV Video Music Awards. Considering Miley Cyrus' wild antics throughout the entire awards programming, it probably won't come as that much of a surprise to see a photo of her posing ceremoniously nude in the green room.

What's Next for Miley Cyrus?

RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Laganja Estranja went on to thank Cyrus in the piece, saying, "I have to thank Miley for f---ing shit up and teaching the nation through alienation, because we can't do this by ourselves. Nobody can fight for equality or bring visibility to the marginalized singlehandedly. We have to talk together, work together, create art together, and maybe then we can carve out a solid place in the sun for a once underground subset of society. I look forward to this journey, because we are just getting started! OKURRR!!!!!"

Miley Cyrus Leaves Pop Behind (For Now) on 'Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz': Album Review

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