Little girl explains her plan to sell her brother to the pet store for $54


Siblings are constantly in a love/hate relationship, but in this case it all comes down to business. A video posted by YouTube user berge95 opens with the innocent question a father asks to his little daughter:

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Rachel has the most unexpected answer to her father, who breaks into laughter when he hears it:

%shareLinks-quote="I don't know... I think we should sell him." type="spreadWord"%

Rachel's father gets very curious to know more about how and why his daughter is plotting to sell her little brother and asks her a few more questions. Rachel calmly explains that there's something wrong with him and they should sell him, specifically, to the pet store. While at first Rachel argues that they should sell him for one or two dollars, she concludes that $54 is the perfect price as if she had been thinking about it for quite a while. In fact, the little girl explains that she wants to buy a toy owl for herself with the money she'll get paid for her brother.

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