Lesbian couple reportedly 'humiliated' on Australian flight

Lesbian Qantas Passengers
Lesbian Qantas Passengers

Meet Kristina Antoniades and her partner Merrin Hicks, who say they experienced "blatant homophobia" on their Australian flight.

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The women were traveling with their daughter Lily from Brisbane to Melbourne, when things reportedly took a turn for the worst and left Antoniades in tears.

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She has accused members of the airline staff of "homophobia" after flight staff asked her female partner to change seats (twice), so that a married couple could sit together.

Antoniades's Facebook account has since been removed, but not before numerous sites could screenshot and re-post her original Facebook status.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, her original post reads (in part):

"Today my family and I experienced awful discrimination on Qantas flight QF617 from Brisbane to Melbourne. We travelled Business Class and checked in online the day prior so that we were all seated together...Shortly before boarding Merrin was called over the intercom and asked to see Customer service. Merrin was advised that Qantas had made the decision to move her seat to another row so that a married couple could be seated together. They did not acknowledge that we were a family and wanted to sit together. I argued the point that they should not take priority over our family being seated together...I thought that would be the end of it but once the place took off the Flight Manager asked why Merrin was seated next to the man and his wife seated behind them...She asked me why I had taken it upon myself to move the Wife away from her Husband. I advised that we were in our designated seats...(post continues).

She was asked why she "had taken it upon [herself]" to separate the straight couple.

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