Lasers hit aircraft in New York, Dallas; 1 suspect arrested

Men Caught on Camera Pointing Lasers at Helicopter Pilots, Arrested

(Reuters) -- Dangerous beams from handheld lasers struck aircraft flying over two U.S. cities on Wednesday night, with police in New York arresting one man and an investigation in Dallas continuing.

No injuries were reported in the incidents, which police said did not appear to be linked to each other.

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In New York, a beam hit a Channel 4 news helicopter flying near the Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn at 5:15 p.m. (2215 GMT) on Wednesday. The pilot alerted LaGuardia Airport's air traffic control tower staff, which notified a New York Police Department aviation unit.

Police in the air worked with their colleagues on the ground to track the suspect to the rear of a building near downtown Brooklyn, where he was taken into custody, the NYPD said.

At Love Field in Dallas on Wednesday night, three planes reported being hit by a laser beam as they flew at between 3,000 and 4,000 feet, a Federal Aviation Administration official said. No one was arrested, and there was no harm to the Southwest Airlines and Virgin America planes and a private jet.

"Unauthorized laser illumination event (inaudible) miles southeast of Dallas Love airport, 4,000 feet. Green laser" an air traffic controller said in a recording played on TV station WFAA.

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