Expected Friday the 13th reentry of space junk has some worried

Expected Friday The 13th Reentry Of Space Junk Has Some Worried

An object is expected to enter our planet's atmosphere from space on Friday the 13th. While the often-dreaded date has some worried, scientists do not consider the anticipated event to be a bad omen.

It is thought to be space junk of some kind, probably an old rocket or other remnant of a past mission.

Though scientists have no idea what the rapidly descending mass is, they have named the piece of debris 'WT1190F.'

Some have taken to just calling it 'WTF.'

It is believed that re-entry will occur off the coast of Sri Lanka, news that has prompted officials there to suspend flights and fishing activity.

That said, the area is not believed to be in danger. In fact, when the object comes through the atmosphere and breaks into flaming bits, those in viewing range will likely be treated to a rather dazzling light show.

At this time, experts do not think any of the fragments will make contact with the Earth's surface. Scientists have been tracking this particular piece of debris since discovering the chunk, which is up to 6-½ feet wide, in 2013.

Further investigation revealed the mass has been documented in photos taken as far back as 2009.
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